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Jamie's Chance for a Change

Jamie's chance for a change

The Ludlow Foyer has been helping hundreds of young people become independent adults and if there is one thing the team knows, especially with young people, It’s that the belief and confidence that you can achieve your dreams and goals goes a very long way to making it actually happen.

Kim Skinner from Ludlow Foyer said: “Sometimes it takes accomplishing something really big to realise you can do it and this is where Chance for Change comes in.  We are delighted to say that Ludlow Foyer resident Jamie Longstaff has completed his ‘Rights of Passage’ course and is now helping other young people recognise their own potential.”

Chance for Change is a registered charity and its Rites of Passage programme is undertaken by around 50 young people each year.  The course runs in stages over four months and involves outdoor living and eating, meeting people from other countries, volunteering and skills such as, map reading, peer mentoring and resilience.

Jamie said: “Doing the course has given me a massive boost of self-confidence, it’s not until you are you are left alone in the wild with nothing, that you realise just how strong you are and what opportunities there are back in the ‘real’ world.

Jamie has finished the challenge phase but has been back to the lake district twice to act as a mentor, helping others deal with difficult situations and overseeing the volunteers whilst they were staying at youth hostels as part of the journey.  He now has plans to do more volunteering at a number of Youth Hostel Association Hostels helping to co-ordinate volunteers.