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New Website Promotes Mentoring for Work

A new website aimed at helping young people across Shropshire get into work or training has been launched by Young Shropshire in Work (YSIW), a charity dedicated to advising and mentoring young people.

Helen Vaughan, Neighbourhood Involvement Manager for Shropshire Housing Group, one of the organisations behind the charity said: “Young people really want to work but can sometimes face an uphill battle especially in rural towns and villages in a county like Shropshire. Issues around transport, finance and accommodation as well as life chances can all be a factor in preventing young people fulfilling their potential.”

The website, designed by Ludlow company, The Visual Works, was developed using a £10,000 Awards 4 All lottery grant in partnership with STICH, a research and marketing agency.  Its clean simple design makes it really easy for young people to get the help they need, all they need to do is fill in their details and they will be contacted directly by YSIW.

They will then be given written and verbal information about how mentoring works and how to get started, before being paired with a local mentor who can advise them every step of the way, whether they are looking to pursue a career or further education and training.

Helen added: “Overall unemployment may be at low levels at around 5% but this isn’t the true picture for 16-24 year olds where the figure jumps to nearly 14% - that’s 627,000 young people out of work.  The mentors do a fantastic job and we are always on the look out for more people who have the experience, aptitude and time to mentor young people.

The new website is up and running now at