Ludlow Foyer

A Foyer is a housing project that provides accommodation for young people aged 16-25 and is linked to training. Ludlow Foyer has accommodation for up to 15 young people. It opened its doors in 2000 and is the only accredited Foyer operating in Shropshire and Telford.

Residents are given opportunities to gain new skills, either by taking up formal education courses or getting involved in centre-led projects, such as a current initiative to learn and use multi-media skills, including video-making and computer editing. The training is individually to each resident to enable them to become more independent, so that eventually they can take on a tenancy of their own.

Ludlow Foyer's mission is to provide a safe and supported environment for young people to gain the confidence to lead their lives in the community, often achieving new skills and making new friends along the way.

The Foyer was recently awarded a further three-year accreditation from the Foyer Federation, which oversees 140 such centres in its network across the UK.



The applicant must be aged between 16-25 years of age.

The applicant must be single. The Foyer is not able to accommodate young parents whose children live with them.

The applicant’s support needs are consistent with the ethos of Foyer:


A risk assessment has been satisfactorily completed on each applicant and it has been demonstrated that the applicant does not present a high risk to other people using the Foyer service.

The applicant must demonstrate a housing related support need, linked to training and employment, maintaining accommodation and avoiding eviction, making a positive contribution, and be willing to sign up to a support plan which is reviewed at least every six months.

None adherence to the support plan may lead to the resident being served with a Notice Seeking Possession, as the offer of accommodation is directly linked to maintaining and adhering to the support plan.

The applicant is in a position to meet occupancy conditions as stated in the Foyer Licence Agreement.


The applicant is outside of the age range.

The applicant has support needs which are greater than the project as able to provide.

The applicant’s risk assessment indicates that the applicant poses a significant risk to staff/ residents or other visitors or students of the Foyer.

The applicant does not have recourse to public funds.

The applicant will be unable to access any income source to meet rent and service charge costs.


All applicants to the Foyer are treated equally. All successful applicants will be sent an offer letter which details the Offer.

All unsuccessful applicants will receive a letter which explains the reason why the application was rejected.


The Association operates an appeal process

Should any unsuccessful applicant wish to appeal against the decision, the appeal must be made in writing to:

The Head of Support Services

Shropshire Housing Association

The Gateway

The Auction Yard

Craven Arms